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Two Chicks and FlowersTM Signature Gift Box is Customizable! The gift that keeps on giving! 


Each box comes with each of the items listed below:

1. 4oz Candle 

2. 1.5oz Honey 

3. Dad Hat

4. (1) 5ml oil 

5. T-shirt 


Signature Two Chicks and Flowers™ Gift Box

4oz Candle Scent
5ml Oil Scent
  • 2C&F Cherry Cough

    Natural essence of rich
    cherry and earthy berry and
    hemp notes.

    Inspires a relaxing and
    indulgent mindset. Perfect for
    a leisurely weekend.


    2C&F Frosted Strawberry

    Natural essence of ripe
    strawberry and floral hemp
    flower with orange notes.


    Gives an uplifting and social
    mindset. Perfect for an
    anytime mood boost.

    2C&F Huckleberry Haze 

    Natural essence of wild &
    floral Pacific Northwest
    berries and prime hemp.

    Promotes a positive and
    energized mindset that adds
    a little pep to a sluggish day

    2C&F Lifted Mints

    Natural essence of mint
    leaves, bright citrus and a hint
    of prosecco.

    Inspires fresh thinking and
    focused ideation. Perfect for
    maximizing creative sessions.

    2C&F Solar Flare

    Natural essence of robust
    citrus, Italian leather and
    subtle dank rose.


    Creates an air of confidence
    and a desire to be touched.
    Perfect for after hours.

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